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About Us

Inomancy Home Care, Inc. is your trusted provider of home health services and care programs. We cover most of the counties and cities of North Carolina. For many years now, we are happy to have made a difference in the lives of various patients and families. We take pride in our services that is why we find ways to maintain the quality of client care through evaluations, customer feedback and continuous staff training.

Your Needs, Our Response!

When it comes to your health, we have no sense of humor. However, we have a sense of responsibility. Your health is important to us and we take every step to maintain your well-being while you are in our care. Care programs and health care services are delivered straight to your home, a major convenience that eliminates the hassles of travel. You can stay in your home and be as comfortable as you are. We respond by bringing top quality home health care services which we guarantee to meet all your specific needs as prescribed by your physician and as instinctively required by your body.

Equal Care for All

Inomancy Home Care, Inc. will exercise equality of service provision and employment to all who are involved in our company as recipients of care and care givers. We will not discriminate with basis on color, race, religion, national origin or gender.