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Why Choose Us

We know that your health is important to you. For us, we work every day to gain your trust and for you to know that we share the same priority. At Inomancy Home Care, Inc., your well-being and safety at home are our goals. Despite your old age, injury and illness, our staff will gladly provide you the treatment you need from specialized therapy, nursing care and the day-to-day assistance with tasks.

Our services are specifically designed to be flexible to the needs of every unique client. Not everyone shares the same health conditions and this consequentially means that the treatment should not be the same. We tailor-fit the services according to your age, health condition, level of independence, self-care abilities and recommendations from your physician.

There are so many things to consider when we administer our care programs in your home. In every household, you are the patient and your family members have a say about your health. To some degree, everyone is affected and that is why we exercise extreme sensitivity when dealing with your home dynamics. However, despite all these complications, we all share the same goal - to maintain good health.

In our dedication to care for the patient and to be sensitive to the needs of the other members in the homes that we serve, we are confident that we are your best choice as a home health services provider. Take time to consider what your needs are. Tell us about them and we will be happy to help - always!